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Generators from Japan

Denyo generators play an active role in various places where social infrastructure is built. Products such as our high-performance Generators with outstanding energy conservation features and our Welding Machines that boast advanced welding performance and superior mobility are used in situations where no power source is available, and are highly regarded by customers around the world as power sources for building society.
Construction sites, schools, residential areas, hospitals, hotels, mountains and remote islands…These are just some of the places where Denyo power sources are being used.

Denyo has been earning the trust of customers by supplying power sources such as high-quality, high-performance and highly durable engine-driven generators, backed by its proven technologies, not only in Japan but around the world.

As a consequence, the engine-driven generators and engine-driven welders that are Denyo’s mainstay products enjoy a high market share in Japan today, and its power sources are used and highly regarded in more than 100 countries worldwide.

An underlying reason for this strong foothold is that Denyo generators has been bolstering its technical, manufacturing and sales capabilities through constant efforts to conceptualize and develop products and services that please customers, with the aim of embodying the management philosophy it has retained since its founding.

From time to time, at a construction site, mine site or in other situations, a large temporary power supply is required for a particular job. To meet this requirement Denyo’sDCA Series generators incorporate a built-in parallel operation drive system, allowing you to create a large- capacity generating plant on-site, without the need to procure any other equipment.



optional for DCA-25USI2, 45ESH, 45USI2, 60ESH, 60USH

For companies that operate inter-nationally or have motors that require power at different voltages, a different generator is usually required for each voltage setting. However, the DCA Series

generators are equipped with a dual voltage system, so one generator can be used to power motors with different voltage settings. An extremely convenient feature. ALL MODELS CAN RUN AT 50Hz/60Hz

Simply adjust the engine speed on the control panel to use a DCA Series generator at either 50Hz or 60 Hz.



In urban areas and at the worksite, there is an ever increasing demand for reduced noise pollution. In response to these concerns, Denyo has pioneered a soundproof and super soundproof range of generators. The DCA Series generators are extremely quiet when operating at full load, even though all soundproof models are compactly designed. Check the specifications for the sound level of each model.